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Winners of the prestige awards for Day Care Specialists

Winners in the Manchester & North West England Prestige Awards for DAY CARE SPECIALISTS OF THE YEAR 2022 - CHESHIRE

Betamindes were invited to take part for 2022 to recognise smaller, local, independent businesses that are extremely successful on a local level. The judging panel would categorise and conduct their research. During this difficult time of covid, the criteria assessed how well companies like Betamindes Care Services have adapted and how active we have remained which is proven with client reviews, quality of service, communication with customers, productivity, social media engagement etc.

This has been run over the last 16 years and awards have been run on a national or international basis.

The judges were impressed with our personal touch, consistency of reviews and community feel. They liked the way we were making a positive difference being the only centre open during covid, offering support for families with Dementia or Alzheimer’s who were feeling isolated during a particularly challenging time. They were also impressed in how Betamindes has grown, now employing over 40 local staff & the positive referrals generated from clients and their families. We are always challenging ourselves to grow our services to provide more support within our community for Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Homecare Services.

Winners were invited to Shrigley Hall Hotel & Spa on Monday 6th June 2022 to collect our award and a professional photo shoot! So, I (Victoria) went along with some long-standing members of staff, Jo Buckley, Rachel Crocker and Sophie Phillips representing the whole team at Betamindes! We had a lovely day. It was rewarding to be recognised for all the hardwork & continued support that the team have given to the local community both within the Daycentre and on Homecare services.


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